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Shakrain festival in Old Dhaka today

Published : 14 Jan 2024 01:04 AM

The last day of Poush month of the Bengali year is known as ‘Poush Sangkranti’. On this day, ‘Shakrain Festival’ is celebrated in Old Dhaka. The locals also refer to this festival as the ‘Kite Festival’.

The day-long celebration is observed with kite flying and many others programmes, including fire breathing, fireworks, paper balloons and food festivals. Since the Mughal era, this part of the Dhaka city has been hosting this festival.

People in Old Dhaka brought out a colourful procession on Saturday (January 13) on the occasion of the ‘Shakrain Festival’ or ‘Kite Festival’. 

Dhakabasi and Bangladesh Kite Federation jointly arranged the event with the support of Rupali Bank. However, people of Old Dhaka will observe the ‘Shakrain’ festival today (Sunday) as January 14 is the last of day Poush month. 

On the occasion of the festival, the kite market is bustling now for selling kites and yarn. In the stores, colourful kites in a variety of shapes are set out. There are kits ranging in price from 5 taka to 100 or more. During this season, retailers of other goods also display kites for sale in their stores.