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Shakib won’t return to celebrate Eid

Published : 28 Apr 2022 10:55 PM

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan starrer upcoming films titled 'Golui' and 'Bidrohi' will be release on the coming Eid-ul-Fitr and the actor will return to the country after five long months to celebrate Eid from the United States and also to take part in the promotion of his films in Dhaka on April 25. 

However, the actor is not going to return now and celebrate this year's Eid far away in the United States. Several sources close to Shakib told the news to the media. The superstar is currently busy with the pre-production work of his new upcoming film titled 'Rajkumar', directed by Himel Ashraf opposite a British actress Courtney Coffey. The shooting of the movie will start from July in various location of the United States, including Florida, Los Angeles. We are planning to start filming some parts in Bangladesh near the end of August.

Apart from playing the lead in the film Shakib is also busy with the production team as the film is produced under the banner of Shakib Khan's production company SK Films. For this reason, he has to spend regular time there and cannot return to the country now.

Along with Superstar Shakib Khan and British actress Courtney Coffey the film also features star like Ahmed Sharif, Doctor Ezaz and Farukh Ahmed among others. The film 'Rajkumar' will be released internationally on Christmas December 25. It is expected that he will return to the country after that.

To be noted the actor arrived in New York after shooting for the film ‘Golui’ on November 12 last year and has applied for a permanent residency in the United States.