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Shakib to portray Kazi Nazrul Islam in 'Bidrohi Nazrul'

Published : 20 Apr 2022 09:13 PM

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan to portray the role of Kazi Nazrul Islam in his biopic titled 'Bidrohi Nazrul'. For the first time in Dhallywood a biopic to be made on the National poet of Bangladesh, by director Shafiq Hasan.

It is learnt that the director has registered the name of the film titled 'Bidrohi Nazrul' in the board of directors and he is regularly talking to Shakib Khan on WhatsApp regarding acting in this film. As Shakib is currently staying in the United States, he will sign the contract once he returns to the country.

Regarding the context director Shafiq said, ‘the film will show the story of the poet's life from the age of 14 to adulthood and Shakib Khan will play the role of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in the film.’

'Before Shakib Khan left for the United States, he was supposed to sign a contract for this movie. However, I couldn't finish the screenplay that time. He will be contracted in my movie when he returns to the country. The producers are ready in the same way. I hope the audience will like Shakib as the National poet Bidrohi Nazrul’, the director added.

Earlier, Shafiq Hasan had made a film titled 'Dhumketu' with Shakib Khan. After six long years, he is going to make another film with Shakib again.

Munir Reza wrote the screenplay for the film titled 'Bidrohi Nazrul'. Government grants have been applied for this film and we are hoping that such a good content movie will get government grant.  However, even if I don’t get the grant, I will make the movie without any hesitation. The range of the movie is quite large; I have planned to shoot in different locations in Bangladesh and West Bengal. The movie is about a subject for which we need a lot of research. We are not lacking in effort, said Shafiq.

Shakib Khan is scheduled to return home on April 25 for his two films titled 'Galui' and 'Bidrohi' which going to be release on the occasion of Eid. Shakib will take part in the promotion of these two films after coming back to the country. Young actress Puja Cherry will be seen opposite Shakib khan in the film 'Golui' directed by SA Haque Alik, and on the other hand Bubly will be seen in Shaheen Sumon's 'Bidrohi' opposite Shakib. Directors are optimistic about both the movies. This Eid, the cinema-related people are hoping that the long-running business drought of Bengali cinema will end.