Shakib’s ‘Password’ sold

Shakib Khan starrer ‘Password’ has been sold. Shakib sold the title of the movie to Channel-i. Besides acting in it in a leading role, he is also the producer of this movie. The film was directed by Malek Afsari.

Bubly acted opposite Shakib Khan in this film. The film was a success commercially in 2019, the year of its release. 

Channel-i is going to hold the film’s world TV premier on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The film will be aired at 3:05pm on the day.

Emon, Misha Sawdagar, Amit Hasan, Shiva Shanu and others have acted in the film.

Regarding the sale of ‘Password’ to a TV channel, Shakib Khan said, “I truly love the audience. Last year, during the transition period of the film industry, the film ‘Password’ from my production company, ‘SK Films’ was very successful. This time Channel-i has shown an interest to air the film for the TV audience that is why the film’s TV title has been sold to Channel-i. This time, audience of the country and abroad will have the opportunity to see the film.”

It should be noted that ‘Password’ was released in June last year on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.