Shakib Khan’s 22 films this Eid

Eid festival means Shakib Khan’s new movie in theatres and overflow of the crowd of spectators. Like the previous Eid, all the theaters in the country will be closed this time once again. Although Shakib Khan is absent from the big screen, he will appear on the citizen television screen with 22 movies.

Starting from Eid day to the seventh day of Eid, viewers will be able to enjoy the films starring Shakib Khan at 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 7 pm and 12:25 am. This has been known from the program department of Nagorik television.

Kamruzzaman Babu, the channel’s head of programming, said, “Nagorik Television always arranges programs with a special focus on the needs of the viewers. Even on special days we try to meet the needs of the visitors. So it has been decided to promote more than one movie of Shakib Khan this Eid. It also includes popular and superhit movies.”

The list of promotions includes Shakib-Shabnur duo ‘Swapner Bashor’, ‘Ful Nebo Na Asru Nebo’, ‘Shami Striri Juddho’, Shakib-Purnima starrer ‘Ma Amar Shorgo’, Shakib-Mim starrer ‘Amar Praner Priyo’.

‘Shamir Shongshar’ starring Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, ‘Takar Cheye Prem Boro’, ‘Jomoj’, ‘Tumi Shopno Tumi Shadhona’, ‘Tomar Jonno Morte Pari’, ‘Tumi Jekhane Mon Shekhane’, ‘Mayer Haate Beheshter Chabi’, ‘Bhalobashlei Ghar Badha Jae Na’, ‘Shontan Amar Ahankar’, ‘Tumi Amar Moner Manush’, ‘Bolbo Kotha Bashor Ghore’, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Lover Marriage’. Apart from this, Shakib-Saha starrer ‘Khodar pore ma’, Shakib-Swastika duo ‘Shobar Upor Tumi’, and Shakib Khan and Jaya Ahsan’s popular movie ‘Purno Dhoirghho Prem Kahini’ will also be screened.