Shakib Khan at odds with acting association’s stance on Pori Moni

Published : 15 Aug 2021 09:13 PM | Updated : 16 Aug 2021 12:05 AM

Dhallywood superstar actor Shakib Khan shared his viewpoints on social media regarding the much-talked-about issue of actress Pori Moni on Saturday, questioning the current governing body of the Bangladesh Film Actors’ Association (Bangladesh Cholochitro Shilpi Samity)’s position against the actress.

The association suspended the membership of Pori Moni last Saturday, two days after her arrest in a drugs case at a press briefing held at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC).

Expressing his frustration over the decision, Shakib Khan wrote from his official Facebook page: “I have noticed that after the arrest of Pori Moni only on the basis of allegations, the Film Actors' Association has hastily held a press conference and suspended her membership, without extending any hand of cooperation to her at this crucial moment.”

“This behaviour of the association is really very mysterious. Many conscientious senior-junior artists and cultural activists have regrets about the issue. This is inhumane treatment of the organization against her. The question remains, in whose interest is the current Film Artists Association?” Shakib Khan wrote on the post.

Mentioning that the association acted differently in the past and stood beside other convicted artists, he wrote, “Several senior artists have been arrested on even more heinous charges in the past, however, the then association did not suspend the membership of the accused - rather it stood beside the artist, even protested down the street. This exceptional behaviour of the current association is surely controversial.”

“Once again, it is clear that this association separated the artists instead of uniting them. It has ruined the work environment in the industry by creating this kind of division. Maybe that's why our cinema industry is on the verge of destruction today,” Shakib Khan expressed his concerns.

He also shared his experience of knowing Pori Moni, saying, “As far as I know as a colleague, Pori Moni lost her parents and grew up without having them around her. There is a significant difference in the struggle, between her and the others of her age with families. Maybe due to lack of proper guideline and support, she could not make the right decisions.”    — UNB