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Shakib applies for green card in USA

Published : 15 Dec 2021 10:37 PM | Updated : 25 Dec 2021 10:53 PM

Superstar Shakib Khan is leaving the country and settling in the USA. The news is being heard in media. Although no direct comment was received from him yet, the news that he has applied for permanent residency in the United States is true.

The news was reported by Khorshed Alam Khasru the producer of Shakib's new film titled ‘Golui’. "Shakib has applied for permanent residency in the United States," he told the media. That's why he has to stay there for six months and it's been a month already. 

On November 12, Shakib arrived in New York after shooting for the film ‘Golui’. It was rumoured that he would return in December after attending two events and spending some time there. But a couple of days ago, it was known that the hero is not returning soon.

Shakib has announced to make movies from USA. Shooting will start next January. He is planning to release the movie internationally on the upcoming Eid after the continuous shooting directed by Himel Ashraf. 

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As soon as the news of Shakib's stay in the US for several months came to light, the issue of his permanent residence there came to the fore. It is learnt King Khan has applied through a Nepali lawyer living in the United States.

It is to be mentioned the actor had applied for a visa several times to visit the United States. But not once was it accepted. He finally got the country's visa last November and flew. Shakib visited Biden and participated in ‘Channel I Music Awards’ and Dhallywood Film and Music Awards.

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