"Shah Abdul Karim Loko Utshob-2024"

Commemorated with music, honour, and memories

Published : 18 Feb 2024 08:52 PM

On the banks of the Kalni River at Ujandhal village of Derai Upazila in Sunamganj, the two-day 'Shah Abdul Karim Loko Utshob 2024' has been celebrated with songs, tributes, and remembrance of the creator of timeless folk songs, Baul Samrat Shah Abdul Karim.

This festival has drawn participants from throughout the nation as well as from local communities. In honor of his 109th birthday, the festival was held at Ujandhal Field in Sunamganj by Shah Abdul Karim Parishad once more in association with bKash, the biggest MFS provider in the nation.

The festival has been organised since 2006 in remembrance of the king of Bengali folk songs. Presided over by Shah Abdul Karim Parishad's president and Baul Samrat's son, Shah Nur Jalal, the festival started last Thursday, February 15, 2024. Deputy Commissioner of Sunamganj Mohammad Rashed Iqubal Chowdhury, Head of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs of bKash Humayun Kabir, and others were present at the inauguration of the festival organised in remembrance of the Baul Samrat.

After discussion, fans paid tribute to Baul Samrat by singing his songs, with the goal of spreading his creations from generation to generation. 'Gramer noujoaan hindu musolman...', 'Bandhe maya lagaichhe, dewana banaichhe...', 'Bindhure koi pabo shokhi go...', 'Keno piriti baraila re bondhu...', 'Tumi bine akul poraan...' the melody of all his timeless songs spread in the spring breeze of Ujandhal. The excitement of the festival increased further with the display of various products at the colourful fair in the Ujandhal field.

Expressing the wish to create an academy by the name of Shah Abdul Karim, Shah Nur Jalal, Shah Abdul Karim Parishad's president, and Baul Samrat's son, said, "Fans & music lovers from different parts of the country and abroad come to Shah Abdul Karim's house. So, if an academy can be built here in the name of Shah Abdul Karim, then it will be possible to keep his creation and dream alive. I wish everyone's cooperation in this regard.”

Humayun Kabir, Head of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at bKash, said, “bKash is delighted to collaborate with this festival organised on the occasion of Ekushey Padak award winner Baul Samrat Shah Abdul Karim’s 109th birth anniversary at his birthplace, Ujandhal. His wonderful creations spread all over the world. Kash always wants to stand by such events to develop such a healthy culture.”