Shabnur is well, her contracting coronavirus a rumour

The coronavirus has become alarming worldwide. This has had an impact in Australia as well. Coronavirus infections have been reported in more than 5 thousand people out of whom 28 have died.

There are many Bangladeshis in the country. Shabnur, a Bangladeshi actress, lives with her son and siblings in Sydney. Some people have recently spread thenews on Facebook that Shabnur has been infected with the coornavirus. The actress, however, claimed that the news was a complete rumour. 

"Now is not the time to spread these rumors," she said. “No one should report about anyone’s health without being sure. Now is the time for everyone to pray for everyone.”

Shabnur added, "I don't know how long we can stay well, but at this moment I and my family are well. We aren’t getting out of the house without any reason. We have bought our groceries for one week. I have many relatives here. None of us are going to anyone’s house without any reason. But I'm afraid because day by day the number of infected in Australia is increasing.”

Shabnur said in a worried voice for the country, “Australia is such a developed country, so the treatment is good here. An ambulance comes and takes you away if you get a little sick. Yet, there is panic all around. But in Bangladesh even whent eh condition is so poor the people are being so whimsical. 

It saddens me when I see such news on TV. Many are not receiving treatment. Proper tests of coronavirus infection cannot be conducted. Many people are dying without treatment because of suspicion of corona infection. May Allah protect Bangladesh. As a kid, my grandma used to tell me stories of pandemics killing off entire villages. I am living in that fear now. There is no one who can save us except Allah. I want to bless everyone, I pray for the people of my country.”

Shabnur said she was spending her days at home praying and caring for her son. However, to stay mentally healthy, she visits the home of her siblings and relatives. Many of them also come to his house. The actress believes that mental health is needed in addition to physical fitness in this crisis.