Shabnam Faria got divorced

Popular actress Shabnam Faria and husband Harunur Rashid Apu have got divorced exactly one year and nine months after the marriage. Shabnam Faria and her husband Apu signed the divorce paper on November 27. The actress herself has spoken about the divorce. 

Shabnam Faria said that there was no reason behind their separation. They have no complaints against each other. Shabnam Faria said, “We had love marriage. We had many plans centering to our married life but due to various reasons, we have not been able to implement them. As a result, we both made the difficult decision to get divorced.” 

We will have good friendship with each other forever, she added. This event may disrupt the pace of our life, but life will not stop. 

Actress Shabnam Faria and Harunur Rashid Apu who is a senior manager of a private marketing company tied the knot on February 1 last year. 

In 2015, Faria-Apu came to know each other through Facebook. 

The two formed a good friendship. After three years, they crossed the line of friendship and in February 2018 they got engaged.