Shab-e-Barat tradition alive

In Bangladesh, every occasion has its own signature food. In fact, a variety of food items have become integral parts of festivals, either social or religious. In the recent past we have written about the Bengali traditional food like panta-ilish, bhorta, sweetmeat, curd etc. 

During the holy occasion of Shab e Barat Muslims in most countries prepare delicious sweetened food items using milk, rice, flour, ghee, sugar, kazu nut and raisin. Halwa and firni are the two most favoured items during this occasion.

 To add flavor and look, they also use rose water and zafran in these items. Different types of breads in varied sizes are also made in bakeries with flour, oil and sugar. Such breads taste great with halwa. Bakeries use different traditional motifs on the breads as can be seen in the photograph, which was taken at City Bakery at Satrawza in the city.