Severe heat wave causes misery

Severe heat wave causes misery We must plant trees to tackle climate change

Published : 05 Jun 2023 08:58 PM

Heat wave has paralysed normal life across the country. The ongoing mild to moderate heat wave is likely to continue further for next three to four days over the country, Met Office forecasts.

Severe heat wave is sweeping over the districts of Nilphamary and Dinajpur. Mild to moderate heat wave is sweeping over Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barishal and the rest parts of Rangpur divisions and the districts of Mymensingh, Moulvibazar, Rangamati, Cumilla, Chandpur, Noakhali and Bandarban and it may continue, the met office says.

The scorching heat wave and high humidity levels are hindering life at all levels, as people are falling ill or show reluctance to leave home in the sweltering heat. In the capital, fares for manually drawn rickshaws, vans and pushcarts are on the rise due to the unbearable working conditions. Scarcity in water supply and frequent power failure also deteriorated the situation.

More tree plantation 

can protect the country

 from adverse impact of 

climate change

Acute water crisis in many areas especially of capital Dhaka, other metropolitan cities, district towns and even remote village has compounded sufferings of the people. The heat wave brought the worst sufferings to the working-class people, like - day labourers, rickshaw pullers and farmers, especially those who work outdoor. Their daily income has been reduced as they are compelled to take rest during the working hours in the daytime.

Apart from human being, beasts and birds are also suffering due to the continuous heat wave. While the effects of heat may be exacerbated in cities, due to the urban heat island effect, the livelihoods and wellbeing of non-urban communities can also be severely disrupted during and after periods of unusually hot weather.

The prolonged rainless conditions have created a detrimental condition on the overall public health as well as the ecosystem and biodiversity. We all have to remain extra cautious against the current hot spell and avoid the burning sun.

Authorities and people from all walks of life will have to take proper and timely measures to face adverse impact of climate change and plant tree to protect environment. Trees can help decrease the heat during summer.

More tree plantation can protect the country from the adverse impact of climate change. We all have to take initiative for massive tree plantation in order to adapt to climate change, improve environment and create jobs to cut poverty.