Several areas of Ctg city to be locked down

The measure aims to contain further corona transmission

The Chattogram district authority has decided to enforce complete lockdown in Kattroli area, a region known as the main entry point of the port city Chattogram from the capital. The lockdown will come into force from Tuesday midnight.

With the directive of the higher authority of the government, a meeting in this regard was held at the Katroli ward office, ward no- 10 of Chattogram City Corporation (CCC), with AJM Nasir Uddin, Mayor of CCC in the chair.

After the Meeting Mohammad Shamsod Dhuha, Chief Execrative Officer of CCC told Bangladesh Post, that this is a pilot basis attempt to lockdown an area to prevent further transmission of coronavirus. There are another ten wards identified in Chattogram city which will also go under complete lockdown on Tuesday night.

“At first we will observe the impact of lockdown in which nothing will remain open except foods and medicine stores. Inhabitant requiring emergency services will be given by the authority,” He added,

CCC source said, around one hundred trained volunteers will be in the spot to give emergency support to the inhabitants while ambulance will be ready to shift critically ill patients to the hospitals.

A control room is already been open in Katroli area by CCC, said Nesar Uddin Manju, ward councilor of 10 no ward, the resident will get all necessary service instant of stay at home. No one can go out by violating this order, law and order forces will keep eyes tightly in the area.

“As the ward area is the main entry point of the Chttogram city as 4 kilometers of Dhaka- Chattogram Highway passes through the area, no vehicles can stop here,” said Nesar Uddin Manju.

Kattroli is a badly affected area which also has industrial zone having reported 145 COVID-19 patients within the last 15 days.
The number of people infected with coronavirus in Chattogram has already exceeded five thousand. The death toll has exceeded one hundred. But more than five hundred have died of ‘coronary-like symptoms.’ Although many attempts have been made by the government and non-government initiatives to bring this death rate under control, most of it is unplanned and untidy.

Apart from Kattoli ward No. 10, other wards of the city marked with red zones are: Ward No. 37 and 38 of Chattogram Port Area, Ward No. 39 of Patenga, Ward No. 18, 20, 21 and 22 of Kotwali, Ward No. 14 of Khulshi and Ward No. 26 of Halishahar.

Meanwhile, 14 Upazilas in Chattogram district has been divided into different zones based on the number of COVID-19 patients. There are 9 upazilas in the red zone, 3 in the yellow zone, and 2 in the green zone.

Dr Sheikh Fazle Rabbi, Civil Surgeon of Chattogram said the administration of the upazilas informed as red zone area will be brought under lockdown in phases while receiving instructions from the government.