Septuagenarian AL leader still moves for development

Published : 08 Oct 2022 12:15 AM

Usually the elderly people pass their lives anyway having no load in their private life. But a senior citizen Abdur Rashid Advocate in his seventies still moving here and there to develop his upazila ignoring all odds, and that is why each and every people irrespective of cast, creed and gender loves him very much. He is a favourite personnel to his party men as well as other partisans as well. To make Jhenaidah Sadar upazila as a model one, he has been working relactantlessly round the clock to fulfill the dream of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Vice president of ruling Awami League (AL) Jhenaidah district unit, Abdur Rashid Advocate said he has been moving ignoring a lot of odds when a section of the people of crime prone Jhenaidah district were engaged in social and political rivalry, internal conflict and some other issues, he has been trying to bring all under the same umbrella with the spirit of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Rashid has been marching with the blessings of AL district unit president also lawmaker of Jhenaidah-1 seat Abdul Hyee for over half a decade when he was studying in college. He was an active activist of the then East Pakistan Students League.

Another lawmaker of Jhenaidah 2 seat Tahjib Alam Siddiquee Somi also extends his all-out cooperation to Rashid, he said.

In an interview with the Roving Correspondent of Bangladesh Post, Abdur Rashid Advocate said he has been working to become the president of AL to strengthen his activities with the politics. Now Rashid is carrying the position of advisory committee member of Bangladesh Krishak League.

Before elected as the upazila parishad elections, the heroic freedom fighter was the public prosecutor (PP) of the women and children repression court in Jhenaidah. Starting life as an assistant headmaster, he became headmaster, lawyer and finally a success upazila parishad chairman with his capability and efficiency.

Now Abdur Rashid, a son of late Ahmed Ali Biswas of village Berbari in Jhenaidah Sadar upazila completed his BA LLB from the university of Rajshahi is now the president of Abdur Rauf Degree College, Fazr Ali girls school and college, Berbari high school, KMH high school and madrashah and general secretary of nature poet Paglakanai memorial club. He is grateful to UNO SM Shahin, upazila vice chairmen Rashidur  Rahman Rasel, woman vice chairman Arati Dutt and other members of his parishad when each and everybody were extending cooperation for smooth programme implementation in agriculture, industry, water supplies, education, human resources development, cottage, social safety, rural and urban market development, health sector, structural development, transport and road communications in the upazila.

The heroic son said the old age even in his seventies could not make any barrier. He is optimistic to make his upazila a model one within a few years which her great leader Sheikh Hasina desires aiming at the “Golden Bangladesh”, Abdur Rashid Advocate said.