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Eid advance train tickets from June 14

Separate time slots for eastern and western zones ticket sale

Published : 30 May 2023 11:00 PM

Advance train tickets will be sold from June 14 on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Azha festival. Like the previous time, all schedule and special train tickets will be sold online. 

In a bid to address the ongoing challenges faced by the server due to heavy traffic, the Ministry of Railways has announced a new measure to enhance ticketing services. The sale of tickets for intercity trains in the eastern and western regions will be conducted separately, with designated time slots for each zone. 

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan disclosed this information at a press conference organized at the Railway Bhaban on Tuesday.

The Minister said, “Like last Eid, this year also 100 percent tickets will be sold online. Tickets will be given in two shifts.”

He said, “In case of advance tickets, tickets for June 24 will be available on June 14, similarly on June 15 passengers can buy tickets for traveling on June 25, and so in the same manner tickets for June 26 would be available on June 16 and so on.

Return advance tickets for Eid Journey will start on June 22. Accordingly, tickets for journey by train on July 2 would be given on June 22. July 3 return tickets will be given on June 23, July 4 tickets on June 24, July 5 tickets on June 25 and July 6 tickets will be given on June 26 respectively.

Highlighting the experience of Eid-ul-Fitr, the railway minister said that from the beginning of the day, the demand for tickets in the western part of the railway is relatively high. But the passengers of the western region do not get the tickets as expected. And tickets for the eastern region remain unsold. 

Again, there is a lot of pressure on the server. Therefore, this time the Ministry of Railways has decided to sell tickets for the eastern and western zones separately.

As per the new decision, the sale of tickets for all inter-city trains running in the western region will start from 8 am onwards. And the tickets for all intercity trains running in the eastern region will be sold from 12 noon.

In addition, a total of 218 additional engines have been planned to be added in the eastern region and 102 in the western region based on the Eid festival.