Selina Hayat Ivy an architect of development in N’ganj

Published : 15 Feb 2021 09:22 PM

Dr Selina Hayat Ivy, Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, is an icon of unparalleled development of Narayanganj city during her last 18-year of tenure as the Chairman of Narayanganj Municipality and later as the Mayor of NCC. 

It is learnt, before Ivy was elected as the Chairman of Narayanganj Municipality in 2003, the municipal areas looked shabby and unclean and the inhabitants of Narayanaganj were deprived of their civic amenities.

After being elected as the chairman of N'ganj Municipality, Ivy engaged in removing irregularities and anarchy from the municipal areas. She also took steps to increase revenue collection of the municipality to ensure salaries of employees of the municipality and for developmnt of the municipality. 

In 2011, Narayanganj City Corporation was formed with the merging of Shiddhirganj Municipality and Kadam Rasul Municipality. Ivy was elected the Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation by defeating his rival candidate AKM Shamim Osman by more that one lakh votes on October-30, 2011 and in December 22,2016 she was reelected Mayor of NCC by defeating BNP backed candidate Shakhawat Hossain with a margin of over one lakh votes.   

During the tenure as the Chairman and the Mayor, Ivy made a huge developmental activities including infrastructural development like widening of roads, making of drains, beautifying the city, setting up of city health centres, amusement parks, digging canals and lake and making of playgrounds.

According to a source of NCC, from January-9, 2017 to January 2021, NCC has performed development works worth Taka 1625.9i crore in all 27 wards of the city corporation. 

Mostak Ahamed, a city resident, expressed his satifaction over the performance of Ivy . As an example, he said, residents of his areas were suffering for a narrow road for a long time but now the road has been widened to 60 feet.

Ivy has also set up set up a beautiful park named after Sheikh Russel at the middle of the city and another park at Kadamrosul area, just in the east side of Shitalakya river and one more park at Shiddhirganj area.

Moreover, Ivy took measures to remove water logging from the city areas, remove traffic congestion, ensuring health care facilities and to ensure all civic amenties for the city dwellers.