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Seheli Sabrin made MoFA spokesperson

Published : 30 Jan 2023 09:58 PM | Updated : 30 Jan 2023 11:25 PM

In a new development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has given Seheli Sabrin, director general of the public diplomacy wing, the role of the ministry’s spokesperson and decided to brief the media every Thursday.

 This is for the first time such formal announcement of the regular briefing came from the foreign ministry of Bangladesh.

 Seheli Sabrin is an officer of the 24th BCS Foreign Affairs. In her career, she served in different Bangladesh missions including Australia and Indonesia.

 Before taking the charge of public diplomacy, she served as the director general of the consular and welfare wing of the ministry.

 She studied economics from the University of Dhaka. She also completed a degree on sustainable development from the University of Sussex, UK with distinction.

 Journalists have long been demanding regular briefing from the foreign ministry.

 According to the announcement, the briefing will take place at 3pm on Thursday. Journalists will be able to send their questions by Wednesday.