Seeds distributed in Pakundia

According to the Prime Minister's announcement that every inch of land should be brought into use in the current situation, the Department of Agriculture continues to advise farmers at the field level to implement this declaration. 

Starting from farmers' homes, pond banks, temporary fallow, permanent fallow and even shady damp lands should be brought under cultivation. 

Following this, free seeds were distributed to 30 farmers in Khama village and 30 farmers in Chardeokandi village of Egarosindur union of Pakundia on Tuesday afternoon (May 12).

Kishoreganj District Khamarbari Deputy Director Saiful Alam, Additional Deputy Director Ashek Parvez, Upazila Krishi Officer Saiful Hasan Alamin, Agriculture Extension Officer Abdus Samad, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Hamimul Hoque and Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Zahirul Johnny were present during the distri bution. 

The speakers said that for food security, the objective of the farmers during this pandemic should be to come forward to bring all kinds of places under cultivation including shady places for ginger, turmeric, and non-fruit trees like zucchini. Chilli, brinjal, pumpkin etc. can be planted within the house. 

The backyard can be used for planting puishak, ladies finger, kalmi, chichinga, bitter gourd, dhania, mint etc. He suggested planting lemons on the edge of the pond and kachu as a boundary fence of the house. He also distributed various kinds of seeds free of cost among the farmers present. The farmers present at the time pledged to bring all their lands under cultivation.