Seating Service actually cheating service: Obaidul Quader

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Sunday termed ‘Seating Service’ as cheating service and warned who are charging extra fare from the passengers in the name of this service.

He said, “Some buses hanging ‘Seating Service’ are actually cheating service. They are taking extra fare by deception. They are cheating with the passengers.”

He said this while speaking at a discussion meeting on ‘Road Safety and Road Transport Act-2018’ at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) auditorium, Kuril, in the capital.  

About ‘Road Safety Act 2018’, the minister said, “Even though more fine has been collected through implementing new law, it will bring back discipline on the roads.”

“The purpose of more fines is to bring back discipline on the roads”, he added.

Commenting on the lack of discipline on the roads, the minister said, “There was no shortage of infrastructure development. But, our crisis is discipline on the road. We are going to implement the Road Transport Act to bring this discipline on roads. Our problem is that local people rush to the streets when an accident occurs.”

Obaidul Quader blamed the motorcyclists for the chaos on the road, saying motorcycles were responsible for the disorder on the road. They think of themselves as the king of the road. It is a menace in reality.

He also said, “It is not like that we cannot do anything.  In fact we can do. Now, you will not see no driver and passenger without a helmet anywhere in Dhaka City. And those who are not wearing helmets are political activists. Now the habit of plying vehicles on opposite direction of the roads has decreased. The VIP trouble has also reduced to a great extent.”

He hoped that the construction of Padma Bridge would be completed soon. He said, “I visited the bridge 179 times. Padma Bridge will be opened in 2021.”