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Schools, colleges to reopen with safety measures

Published : 08 Sep 2021 10:03 PM | Updated : 09 Sep 2021 01:18 AM

After a prolonged 18 months of closure, schools and colleges are preparing in full swing to reopen on September 12, ensuring the best possible secured educational environment amid the least existing pandemic threat.

In accordance with the directives issued by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), authorities of the educational institutions are taking measures to begin classes in the classroom. However, safety for the students gets the top priority.

To ensure a compact safety before entering the premises, the educational institutions are installing 'Disinfectant Tunnels', setting up hand-washing facilities, ensuring everyone wears a mask and hanging cautionary banners at the entrance having printed on the safety guidelines to be followed by everyone.

Before entering the school and college premises they are all set to materialise the instructions of maintaining minimum 3 feet social distancing. Moreover, withdrawing morning assembly, setting up medical-isolation centre and other facilities are being implemented on the campuses.

Including these, a 19-point directive was issued by DSHE on September 5, along with the announcement of reopening schools and colleges on September 12. That directive states the measures to be taken before and after opening the institutions after a long time.

Subsequently, schools and colleges are now going through clean-up drives at the eleventh hour. Most of them have been renovated and painted newly to welcome the students and teachers as the classrooms have been shut since March 17 last year.

Experts say the premises of schools and colleges are dusty, unhygienic and have become home for insects and germs. Thus, this classrooms need to be properly cleaned before allowing anyone in.

As a result, authorities concerned have started cleaning and washing those since the official announcement was made on September 5 to reopen the classrooms within a week.

While visiting Monipur High School and College (Branch-3) in the capital it was seen some cleaners were engaged in washing classrooms. Some others were busy installing a ‘Disinfectant Tunnel’ at the entrance.

When asked what more measures are being taken from the 19-point directive, Principal of Monipur High School and College, Forhad Hossain, told Bangladesh Post, “We’ll have thermal scanners at the entrance gate to measure everyone’s temperature before any entry. After entry, everyone must wash their hands after coming in through the tunnel. From the main gate to the classroom, there will be a safety of 3 layers. And yes, everyone has to have a mask on.”

“We already have medical centres in all of our branches, which can be used as an isolation room if one feels sick. There are vehicles of our own. We will use them to send one home if needed”, he added.

He also said there will be less number of classes in a week but the institution has more number of rooms than required. So there will be a minimum of 5 feet distance between two. They will be arranged to sit in a ‘Z’ method.

When asked what measures have been taken to ensure safety for the students, Headmaster of Motijheel Govt Girls High School Nazmun Nahar Shaheen told Bangladesh Post, “We have regularly cleaned our premises including classrooms and offices amid the closure. However, after the latest announcement, the clean-up drive has been accelerated.”

“Following the directives of DSHE, we are installing disinfectant tunnel. In addition, we will ensure everyone wears a mask. We have in-house medical facilities including first-aid box. Moreover, we are about to arrange a campaign to let every student and teacher know how to maintain health guidelines while they’re here,” she added.

Amid the existing Covid-19 pandemic risk, Dengue is emerging. Thus, experts suggest every institution to clean bushes, drains and sewage lines on the premises so that Dengue can pose no extra threat to the students.