Schoolgirl goes to police to halt her marriage

Published : 28 Sep 2021 08:36 PM | Updated : 29 Sep 2021 12:08 PM

A teenage girl failing to stop her mother and auntie from settling an early marriage of her at the age of sixteen went to local police station to halt her marriage as the last resort.

It is learnt, the girl is a student of Class 10 at Jhinuk Girls' School of Chuadanga. When her mother and auntie settled a marriage for her, she did not agree. 

However, her mother and auntie remained obstinate and settled the date and other prior formalities of the marriage. As a result the girl went to the police station seeking help to stall the marriage.

Mohammad Mohsin, Officer in charge of Chuadanga Police Station informed the school girl came to him around 11-00 am on Tuesday and complained that her mother and auntie had settled the marriage against her will. 

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She said to the officer that, she was not an adult and she will not marry until she reaches her adulthood and finishes her studies. Later he went to the house of the student and convinced her parents not to arrange any marriage for her at her early age. Police said, the girl is a student of Science group. He father is a tea stall owner and mother works as laborer at a factory. 

Her mother and auntie settle her marriage with a local youth. Finding no ways, the girl went to the police station to halt her marriage.