School playground grabbed

Is a contractor more powerful than admin?

Published : 18 May 2024 08:24 PM

The gate of Kaliapara Dakatia Mazeda Mazid High School at Sakhipur in Tangail district remains closed to the students after a contractor grabbed the ground. The playground has been under round-the-clock security watch to ward off mostly children wanting to play on the ground. The contractor has stored various construction materials, including large piles of bricks, stones and sand in the playground. 

Schoolchildren and locals are facing health risks due to the storage of building materials on the playground of the school. The situation has led to significant damage to the playground and halted recreational activities of students. Students could not play for long as various construction materials have been stored on the play ground.

The school management requested the contractor to remove the construction materials from the playground. It is alleged that some influential people are accused of permitting the contractor to store construction materials there.  Stones and bricks are scattered across the playground, with heavy machinery and brick-laden trucks traversing the area. Additionally, ear-splitting noisy plant machines have been installed on the playground which emit dust and poses health risks to nearby residents and schoolchildren.

Students could not play for long as 

variousconstruction materials have

 been stored on the play grounds

Students, social activists and locals continued protesting against a move to grab the playground of the school. Local people fear whether it is an attempt to turn the playground into a permanent construction site and then sell it to others. We have noticed all playgrounds and open spaces in the country are being grabbed one by one. No breathing space and the playing field is left for the children, but the authorities are not concerned over the issue. The authorities concerned must save the country's current and future generation through reclaiming the playgrounds and open spaces from the clutches of the grabbers. 

 More open spaces are needed for our children to increase their scope of games and keep them healthy. According to the World Health Organization, Bangladeshi children took position in the list of most active kids physically in the world. But the same study also showed that 2 out of 3 children in the country do not take an hour of exercise per day. To promote sports at the local level, the government is distributing sports materials to educational and sports institutions alongside arranging regular sports competitions up to school levels. The local administration must free the playground from the clutches of the contractor and bring him under justice.