School or sty!

Children learning in dire conditions in Chuadanga

Published : 23 May 2022 08:40 PM

The room’s next door is to a barn. The smell of cow dung spreads all around. There is a classroom next to it. Due to the lack of fan, the condition of the soft-spoken children and students is getting worse in this intense heat. In this dire situation, regular teaching is going on. One can see the open blue sky from the room. When it rains, there is a lot of water in the classroom. There are also complaints about regular teaching. This is how the activities of Chuadanga non-formal primary school are going on. Several irregularities have been noticed in a few educational institutions. Students and parents also have complaints.

According to the Chuadanga Non-Formal Education Bureau's Out of School Children Education Program, the Bureau of Non-Formal Education has a total of 139 non-formal primary schools in Chuadanga district under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Of these, 69 schools are under the implementation of non-governmental organization Wave Foundation and 70 schools are under the implementation of Srishti Social Development Organization. 

The school activities in Chuadanga officially started on January 5 this year. The first, second and third class classes are 6 months in a row. Fourth and fifth grade classes are held throughout the year. Children who have been stormed by the society by studying here. Those between the ages of 8 to 14 years. Each school has 1 teacher. Students are taught daily from 9 am to 12 noon except weekly and public holidays. As a benefit, each student gets a stipend of 120 rupees per month. Also gets notebooks, pens, pencils, art pencils, erasers, surfers, boxes and other learning materials. One room has been rented for teaching students. The government of Bangladesh is bearing all the expenses. The government has taken that initiative to make the illiterate people free by spreading the light of education from house to house. Non-formal primary school has been built for that purpose. Although all the facilities are provided by the government, the teaching of the students is going on through various irregularities.

Visiting the non-formal primary school located at Belgachhi Bakchar Para in Chuadanga municipal area, it was seen that there is a cow barn next to the place where the children are taught. 

The stench of cow dung is spreading around. Students are being taught in unhealthy environment. Although the school started its activities on January 5 this year, there is still no fan arrangement. In this intense heat, the students are in a state of exhaustion. Rafia Khatun is the teacher in that school. Anisur Rahman is in charge of the supervisor.

Supervisor Anisur Rahman said, “I was not there when the house was rented. Attempts are being made to change the house. I have informed the authorities about the fan issue. Arrangements will be made very soon.”

Another school located at Nurnagar Pukurpara in Chuadanga municipal area has been visited and the condition of the house is also dilapidated. Looking up, it seems that there are many stars in the blue sky. The sky can be seen through the tin of the house. Komalmati students are being taught in dilapidated rooms. Even though it is raining, the water in the classroom is stagnant. Bailey Akhter is there as a teacher. Sharmin Khatun is acting as the supervisor.

Meanwhile, students and parents of Nurnagar Non-Formal Primary School have lodged various allegations against Bailey Akhter. They said that teacher Bailey Akhtar did not teach the class properly. He comes to school late. Although there is a system of free admission in the school, Tk 150 has been taken from them. Further allegations against teacher Bailey Akter, where he personally taught privately to various students at the end of the school class. 

However, teacher Bailey Akhter denied the allegations and said that the allegations against him were baseless. I teach students as much as I can. I attend school on time every day.

In this regard, Humayun Kabir, Out-of-School Children's Education District Program Manager, Bureau of Non-Formal Education, said, "We are trying our best to run the school properly."I did not know that the school in Belgachhi was next to the barn.

 I will look into the matter. The house will be changed if necessary. Other allegations will be investigated,”