School in Mirsharai set example by veg farming

Published : 17 Dec 2022 09:03 PM

According to the instructions of the government, to deal with the food crisis, the young students have planted vegetable gardens in the fallow land of 191 government primary schools in Mirsharai. In these gardens, sweet pumpkin, gourd, cucumber, radish, red cabbage, shrimp, saffron, bean, brinjal, tomato and papaya are cultivated. The students of the school are also taking care of the garden on time with the advice of the teachers. Food security is increasing in fallow land vegetable production.

Going to the Moghadiya Union Government Primary School of the upazila, it was seen that the head teacher Mashiut Ullah was planting various vegetable seedlings including pepper, tomato, brinjal, beans with some small students and the teacher Subarna Jasmine Chowdhury was watering the planted seedlings. Such garden maintenance by student teachers is really a different environment than in the school yard. Again, going to East Sahebpur Government Primary School of Ichakhali Union, it is seen that head teacher Hriday Ranjan Dey is collecting vegetable and beans from a group of vegetable gardens. Another group is digging holes and planting vegetable seedlings. They are again watering the roots of the planted trees. This is how a group of young students is cultivating vegetables in a festive atmosphere. The students expressed their happiness as they could grow vegetables in the fallow land of the school along with their studies. Students Rudra, Jancy, Payal, Fahim, Shimant, Rakib said that besides studying in school, we are learning about planting and caring for seeds through gardening. Besides, I can eat vegetables and fruits at home.

Purba Sahebpur Government Primary School Headmaster Hriday Ranjan Dey said that since the corona period, we have cultivated vegetables, planted papaya, guava, orange and malta trees and roof garden on the fallow land of the school. Produced vegetables, fruits are distributed free of charge to school students, teachers and parents. Assistant teacher Rafiqul Islam Sumon said that under the guidance of the head teacher, the students are being taught everything including sowing seeds, maintenance, germination, insect attack control in the vegetable garden created in the fallow area. In addition, upazila agriculture office is providing various support in farming. Upazila Educa­tion Officer AKM Fazlul Haque said that in order to increase food security, the nature loving students of the concerned schools have been engaged in vegetable cultivation in 191 primary schools of the upazila following the instructions of the Prime Minister. 

Each school is spending from the capital allocation (money given for minor repairs or major repairs of the school) to create gardens.