Scholarship gazette on 750Alim students published

Published : 28 Apr 2021 09:41 PM

Scholarships have been given to 750 students on the basis of the results of the Alim examination of 2020. Among them, 150 students are to be awarded merit scholarship while 700 of them will get general ones. The Madrasa Education Board published the gazette of the scholarship recipients on Tuesday (April 27).

150 students who get merit based on the result of Alim examination will get Tk 750 per month and Tk 1,800 annually. The rest 600 will get Tk 350 per month and Tk 750 as annual lump sum. Students will get scholarship up to 3/4/5 years according to the duration of the course.

Scholarship money will be sent directly to the student's bank account through EFT in G2P method. Within 7 days of the publication of the scholarship gazette, an account must be opened in the bank with online facility and the account number should be submitted to the admitted institution.

Based on the results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination of 2020, all the secondary and higher education boards of the country will get merit scholarships and general scholarships for 10,501 students. A total of 1,125 of them got merit scholarship while 9,376 got general scholarship.