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Schneider Electric Aims to tap the growing IT Infrastructure Market in Bangladesh

Published : 06 Aug 2022 07:10 PM

Schneider Electric successfully hosted its ‘Innovation Day’ event in Dhaka to connect with its top 100 customers in the country.

This event, which was attended by IT Professionals, DC Professionals, government officials, and channel partners, showcased the latest products, solutions, demos, and software to tap the growing IT Infrastructure Market in Bangladesh, thereby brining a transformative change in industries and businesses recently.

Schneider Electric’s Innovation Day event is aimed to provide a collaborative platform for its customers, while also showcasing the latest technological trends in the industry to better prepare for a holistic sustainable growth.

Expressing his gratitude for the top 100 customers and on this successful event, Swarup Das, Director – Channel Sales, Secure Power, Schneider Electric, Greater India said, “Schneider Electric sees immense potential in Bangladesh for powering the sustainability and efficiency of tomorrow. I am confident that this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership that helps our partners in Bangladesh revolutionize their business and champion the cause of sustainability. We hope to continue to deliver our world class products and services to our customers and partners.”

During the event, Schneider Electric unveiled the Innovation Hub for showcasing the latest products, solutions, demos and software offered by the company such as: Micro Data Center (DC)- It enables faster, easier and more cost effective way to build and deploy micro data centers at the network edge; EcoStruxure IT Expert-It provides an efficient way for distributed IT and local edge organizations to monitor their power and cooling multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment and The Easy UPS 3S-It supplies power stability with robust electrical specifications and long-lasting performance to ensure your business continuity.