Scarlett’s film to release on Disney Plus

It seems like rumours about several Marvel movies won’t stop at all. This year, fans would have got to watch Black Widow and Eternals on the big screen. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic ruined everything. The new releases dates are also out, but is Scarlett Johansson starrer going to hit Disney+ instead of theatres?

The reason we are saying is because of a leaked Disney Plus teaser that features Scarlett’s movie too. As 2021 will have a lot in store for the streaming site to release, the MCU film was also one of them.

Only those with the Premier Access may probably get to watch the film. The leaked teaser looks like it’s been shot from a TV screen on to someone’s phone. It features several 2021 releases on Disney+ which includes McFarland, The Jungle Book, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision and several others including Black Widow. What amazes is the release date shown in the leaked teaser.

In the teaser, the release date for Scarlett Johansson starrer is shown as April 16. It is a few weeks earlier from the theatrical release of May 7, 2021. Well, looks like people will Premier Access will be able to enjoy the film if it is really releasing on Disney Plus next year.    —