Scarcity of Hilsa leads to price hike

Published : 06 Jun 2022 11:22 PM | Updated : 07 Jun 2022 04:39 PM

The Department of Fisheries has identified 100 km area of Tentulia River from Char Rustum of Baufal in Patuakhali to Veduria of Bhola as Hilsa Sanctuary.

It is one of the Hilsa production centers in the country. The fishermen have been disappointed as there is no Hilsa even in the current season at this production region. On the other hand, the price is skyrocketing as the amount of Hilsa is less.

According to the fishermen, catching Hilsa in Tentulia River is prohibited for 22 days in the breeding season of hilsa and 240 days in Tentulia sanctuary. Although, Hilsa season starts at the beginning of monsoon, very few Hilsha are being found.

On the other hand, the livelihood of 20,000 fishermen families of the upazila depends on the Hilsa of Tentulia River.

During the Hilsa season, the fishermen have prepared nets and boats with loans from various NGOs and banks, mortgage lenders and moneylenders at high interest rates and mortgaged land.

Fishermen have come down to the river with the dream of overcoming last year's losses. But due to the circumstances, catching Hilsha is almost impossible due to the scarcity of the fish.

Chandradwip Union fisherman Salam Majhi said, "Now, there is no fishing ban in the river even after the ban of the last year. I am now borrowing money as I am not getting any fishes.

Jailer Al-Amin Sardar said, "I have caught Hilsa fish in the river for the last three days, which did not iven cover the cost of oil. How can I lead my family with such little amount of money? '

Hilsa fishermen in the area said, "Throughout the year, a vicious cycle has been taking place in Tentulia with various prohibited nets to catch fries from the area.

Due to which, the number of Hilsa is zero in Hilsa sanctuary.” Fishermen demand that the administration be tougher to destroy the banned nets.

 On Monday, it was seen that the quantity of Hilsa fish is much less as per the demand in the market. Due to which the price is skyrocketing. Hilsa weighing 1 kg per kg is being sold at Tk 1600-1700. Besides, hilsa weighing 500 grams is being sold at 900 to 1000 Tk per kg.

Shaon, a buyer who came to buy fish, said, ‘ Price of Hilsa is on fire. Two mounds of paddy can be obtained with one kg of Hilsa money. We can't eat this fish in such prices. This Hilsa is for millionaires.

The warehouse keepers of Kalaiya Fish Market, Jewel Mahmud, Abul Kashem and other warehouse keepers said that the fishermen used to bring a lot of Hilsa at the beginning of the season every year. Hilsa has not been seen in the last 1 week. There is a lot of price for matching 2-4 hours.

Patuakhali District Fisheries Officer Mollah Emdadullah said, ‘The amount of Hilsa in the river is less at the beginning of the season. He said that Hilsa will increase in the river in early August.

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