Savar elderly people demand allowance in arrears

Published : 15 Jul 2021 09:20 PM

Hundred of elderly people on Thursday morning gathered at the Social Service office of Savar Upazila of Dhaka as allegedly they did not get Elderly, Disabled, and Widow Allowances for months.

They alleged concerned officials of Savar Upazila Social Service office did not hear their complaint, even concerned were said that the allowances had been sent to beneficiaries by Nagad account, whereas beneficiaries are claimed they did not get it. However, Mohammad Shiblizzaman, Upazila Social Service Officer of Savar told The Bangladesh Post, “People came with several kinds of problem like someone doesn’t get elderly allowance as he or she has yet to open their Nagad account while some others came as their given Nagad account number went wrong during the data entry period. 

“Actually all-around there are 28 thousand beneficiaries in this Upazila, so I think it’s not a big issue if one or two hundred people facing problem out of 28 thousand. However, we hearing them and receiving their complaint and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible”, he added.

It was seen that hundreds of elderly people have gathered at the Social Service Office of Savar Upazila, and many of them were came from far away across the Upazila area.  One of them namely Maleka Begum, an elderly woman, also came there claiming that she did not get her elderly allowances for months long. She further alleged, concerned officials were said to her that her allowance has been sent to her Nagad account number, but she did not get it yet. 

“They said they sent the money, but I did not get even a single penny”, Maleka alleged. 

“Work is going on to solve these problems”, Shiblizzaman said.