Sariakandi people suffering for 10 years for a broken bridge

Published : 30 Aug 2022 07:51 PM

10 years ago, the Krittinasha Canal Bridge collapsed due to strong current and has not been repaired till now. People of 10 villages of Sariakandi in Bogura district are moving with grave risk with bamboo poles in the broken part. Communicating with vehicles other than motorcycles is almost stopped. Locals are crossing the wobbly bamboo poles at risk. However, agricultural products, bringing goods, transporting patients cannot be moved through this bridge. In case of emergency, one has to travel 4 km to the opposite destination.

Due to the lack of bridge, the locals are moving with hardships. Locals demand quick construction of bridge to solve the problem. LGED has taken the initiative to build the bridge, the work will start in the current financial year, said the concerned authorities. 

After visiting the area, it was known that this bridge was built in 1997 on Krittinasha canal in Sholartaid village in Qutubpur union of Sariakandi upazila of Bogrua. This bridge is on the main road of thousands of people traveling in 10 villages of 3 UP including Sholartair, Jordagacha, Kalairtair, Banshhata, Sonapur. All types of vehicles including buses and trucks used to travel on this road, local people used to travel to the Upazila Sadar and nearby market and educational institutions. In 2012, the south side of the bridge broke down due to the strong flow of water. Although people have made a bamboo bridge over the broken part, heavy traffic has been stopped for 10 years. 

Due to the lack of repair, the bamboo fence is also shaky, the residents are now moving at risk. On both sides, agricultural land and manufactured products, goods have to travel 4 km to cross. It is a waste of time and money. Locals have demanded the construction of this bridge as soon as possible.

Mofizul Islam of Sholartaid village said that for how many years we have been living in endless suffering. No one repaired this bridge for them. Shahin Alam said that earlier all types of vehicles including auto-rickshaws, buses, trucks, CNG used to travel through this bridge. After the link road is broken, no other vehicles except motorcycles can ply. Even motorcycles cannot pass because the bamboo floors are loose. He said, in the last 10 years, how difficult it is for us to transport agricultural crops and other essential items.

Locals also said that it is very difficult to take sick patients or pregnant women to the hospital. In addition, the students have to face various problems in going to the educational institutions as well as bringing the crops to the market along with the cultivation in the agricultural land.

Shahidul Islam Sujan, Chairman of Qutubpur Union, said that thousands of villagers of Kajla, Chhota Qutubpur and the large Sholartaid village are suffering due to the destruction of the connecting road of the bridge. 

They traveled a few kilometers to the upazila headquarters via Qutubpur.

Executive Engineer of LGED Bogura Golam Morshed said that the bridge construction process has started in Qutubpur of Sariakandi. A 66 meter bridge will be constructed there. Already the design of the bridge has been completed, the estimate approval is in process. He expressed the expectation that the construction work will start in the current financial year.