Sand extraction causes erosion in Char Abdullah

Over hundred acres of land under threat

Published : 22 Apr 2022 10:25 PM | Updated : 22 Apr 2022 10:25 PM

People of several char areas of Munshiganj district allege that influential people in Char Abdullah of Munshiganj Sadar Upazila are illegally extracting sand by destroying crop lands. Besides, the locals fear that as a result of sand extraction, their houses along with their farmlands will be lost in the river and they would become landless.

On closer inspection, it is known that there are privately owned and recorded lands up to 3300 feet from the present river bank. Locals allege that the influential people are cutting the sand beyond the specified boundaries even though the administration has leased the land belonging to Khatian No. 1 as Balumhal. Hundreds of acres of arable land, land and birthplace of ancestors are in danger of disappearing into the river and becoming landless. The river bank is seen in the dry season but not in the monsoon season. The victims also demanded that the sand miners take the opportunity to cut the sand from the whole land. Locals further said that it is not possible to extract sand in the place where Balu Mahal has been officially leased. Because there is a depth of water and sand. So the land has to be selected for sand extraction. And even if they can't take that opportunity in the dry season, the sand miners will make full use of it in the rainy season. On Thursday, 14th April, when the influential Mahal went to protest against the cutting of crop land and extraction of sand, the people of the influential Mahal also accused them of firing on them.

Earlier, locals including Akmal Bepari (42) and Dulal Bepari (50) of Sikdarkandi village were shot dead by influential people while protesting. Piara Begum, 50, wife of Mujalek Sikder, was crippled by the bullets in the incident.

In this regard, Aadhara UP Chairman Md. Sohrab Hossain said, "If the lands of common people are cut down day after day, they will lose their houses and lands at some point and become landless." People's lives will be difficult to make a living. So such activities should be stopped.

In this regard, Munshiganj Revenue Deputy Collector Md. Ershad Mia said, the land which is broken in the river is included in the record no.1. Char Abdullah Balu Mahal has been leased. This was leased by Messrs. Bijay Traders. Boundaries have been demarcated through Aceland for sand extraction. Action will be taken against those who carry sand across the border.