Sand Boa smuggled from Nepal rescued by WCCU

Published : 11 Nov 2023 11:46 PM | Updated : 11 Nov 2023 11:46 PM

The Wildlife Crime Control Unit (WCCU) of Forest Department rescued a snake called ‘Rough-Tailed Sand Boa’, locally called Balubora, from Azimpur in Dhaka city.

On secret information, a team of WCCU rescued the snake on Friday (November 9, 2023). Nargis Sultana Liza, a wildlife inspector at WCCU; led the drive to rescue the snake. 

The Rough-Tailed Sand Boa was smuggled from Nepal and it is now in custody of WCCU, Nargis Sultana Liza of WCCU told the Bangladesh Post. 

The WCCU official said that illegal trafficking of Rough-Tailed Sand Boa is currently taking place to keep it as a pet because it is a non-venomous snake. Investigation is going on the issue.

A boy, who is the son of a school teacher, bought the snake from an online platform ‘Exotic Animals Marketplace’. “You can’t even imagine that the boy bought the snake online for Tk. 15,000,” said Nargis Sultana Liza.