Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad of CoU gets new committee

Published : 30 Oct 2023 08:40 PM

Comilla University (CoU) Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad's new executive committee has been announced.Shri Ajay Chandra Barman has been appointed as the President and Shri Dwip Chowdhury has been appointed as the General Secretary of the Committee. This committee was announced for the next one year.

This matter was informed in a circular signed by the president of the central committee of the organization Shri Kushal Baran Chakraborty and general secretary Shri Suman Kumar Das on Sunday.

The new president Ajay Chandra Barman said, "Being the president of the new committee is a great responsibility for me as well. After the first committee was formed, no other committee was given for a long time. It hinders the activities of the organization. Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad works with slogan of 'Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad Rit-Riddhi.'

He also said that, the Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad is an independent, religious-social, service organisation respecting the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Through this organization, traditional students will learn a lot about religion by regularly participating in the weekly religious cycle. New General Secretary Dwip Chowdhury said, Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad is a traditional organization organized for traditional students.

The organization is to develop an ideal and philanthropic sense of life through nurturing traditional religious traditions and culture, from the practice of Veda-Vedanta, by abandoning various superstitions, superstitions and extra-religious activities of the traditionalists, as well as making everyone aware of rights, worldly and transcendental welfare.

It is to be noted that the Sanatan Vidyarthi Sangsad was established on November 5, 2010 with the aim of "preservation of traditional religious traditions and culture in Bangladesh, elimination of all social prejudices and injustices in the name of religion and protection of human rights and worldly and material welfare of traditional religious people."