Samsung wraps up 3rd batch of Junior Software Academy

The IT training of the third batch has been completed at the Junior Software academy, a CSR project run by Samsung, Bangladesh. As a part of social responsibility, Samsung arranges the training session. The trainees have received the cost-free training from the Research and Development Institute (R&D) run by the tech giant. 

EduCo, the prominent non-profit organizations helped Samsung sorting out 30 learners (from sixth to tenth grade) from the unprivileged section of the society for the training session.   Additionally, students were also taught about the history of Samsung and its variety of products. This will help the students applying their attained knowledge using basic coding while developing software. They were also awarded certificates for completing the training event successfully.  On the occasion, Seungwon Youn, Managing Director, Samsung Bangladesh commented, “The actual development lies in adapting the continuous changes taking place in the tech world. 

Samsung works as a pioneer in technological advancement and keeping that in mind, Samsung Bangladesh works to arrange training of Junior Software Academy in Bangladesh. This knowledge will not only help students in their future education but also will ignite a passion for technology and innovative ideas.”