SAFF winning footballers get reception in Magura

Published : 30 Sep 2022 07:47 PM

Two female footballers, Eti Rani Mondal and Sathi Biswas, who participated in the SAFF football tournament, were greeted with flowers by the teachers, students and local villagers at their home village Goaldah Government Primary School in Magura. 

Thursday around 11:30 am, Eti and Sathi came from Dhaka to Sreepur in their own upazila Magura. At this time, Iti and Sathi's native village, the headmaster of the Goaldah primary school, Pravash Chandra Devjyoti and others welcomed them with flowers at the Wapadah bus stand in Sreepur. The distance of this bus stand from Goaldah village is 12 km. local peoples were waiting for Iti and Sathi at this bus stand since 10:00 in the morning. They were taken to their home village Goaldah after the reception with garlands of flowers. There the students of Goaldah Primary School took out a joyous procession on the occasion. 

On the other hand, the villagers wear garlands of flowers. The people of Goaldah and the surrounding villages rejoiced around them. Iti Rani and Sathi Biswas learned football at Goaldah Primary School. 

Later opportunity came in BKSP. Later, they went to Nepal to play net football as an additional goalkeeper for the national team. Prabash Ranjan Debjyoti, Head Teacher of Gowaldah Government Primary School, Shahidul Islam, Arifa Sultana, Chairman of local Dariyapur Union, Abdus Sabur and others were present during the ceremony.