Sabyasachi winter bridal collection 2019

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been waiting for Sabyasachi Winter Bridal Collection 2019? 

Well, Sabyasachi has always ruled the Indian bridal market for over a decade now and we love him for his super gorgeous royal designs and excellent craftsmanship. And, while it’s quite some time left to bid our goodbye to monsoons, Sabyasachi has already surprised us with his latest Winter Bridal Collection 2019. His latest winter collection Charbagh is inspired by the four gardens of blooms nourished by one source and is about four distinct trends- Devi, Nargis, Chowk and Isfahan. Each of these lines comprising the Charbagh Collection is aesthetically unique and special, making room for every bride’s dreams. 

Sabyasachi is that one Indian bridal couture brand that needs no introduction and every bride covets to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding day. 

The timeless red from the Devi Collection

Sabyasachi winter bridal collection we are talking about! Well, most of you may think that there’s nothing new in red bridal lehengas as they are quite cliche. However, according to the designer, sometimes following a cliché doesn’t make you any less of a rebel or an individualistic person. It just makes you feel beautiful. And, to wear jadau or gold jewellery, a beautiful red bindi, hair adorned with mogras might be the most clichéd wedding look, but it always works and we couldn’t agree more.

The blooming flowers from the Nargis Collection 

Sabyasachi launched his Nargis collection as a part of destination wedding collection and we can’t keep calm! Imagine a wild overgrown garden with lush flowers blooming everywhere with the scent of rose, sandalwood, curcuma, amber, vetiver, frankincense, and jasmine. Yes, it hauntingly beautiful, silent, serene and so is his latest Nargis collection with stunning yellows, pinks and blues!

The dusky velvets from the Isfahan Collection

Sabyasachi dusky colour tones for his first winter collection, for example it’s not red what he chose but pomegranate and faded jamun instead of purple. His choice of fabrics which are a combination of velvets, organzas, muslins and mul mul. Coming down to embroideries- his new designs are embellished with decadent zardozi in gold and silver, with tiny specks of mina in silk floss including Mughal motifs and Persian flora and fauna.

The majestic rural textiles from the Chowk Collection

According to the designer, there is a sense of strength, confidence and provocative sexuality in rural textiles that he doesn’t find in urban clothing any more. Sabyasachi observations made him conclude that it is the urban woman who is self-assured because she has no influence as that of an urban woman. His latest Chowk collection is for city women who express their sense of fierce individualistic modernity by adopting rural textiles in a very authentic and honest way.     —Shaadi Wish