Sabila Nur gets married this month

A Mizan

Sabila Nur is a popular face on the small screen. She is regular in acting in dramas and telefilms. At present those who have become famous through their acting skills, Sabila Nur is one among them. 

This time, she is going to sit for her marriage leaving her busy schedule from the media world. It is reported that she is going to get married to her long time boyfriend at the end of this month. Her boyfriend is currently working at a private television channel in the country. The actress is reportedly not working in any new drama or telefilm because of being busy for her wedding. 

It has been reported that when the directors asked her if she wanted to work in new dramas she declined their offers giving her marriage as the reason. Not only that, she has told directors that her marriage has been set at the end of this month. Prior to this there have been buzz about her marriage in the media world but she denied it saying that she is the youngest among her friends and that birth, death and marriage—all are in the hands of god. 

However, Sabila Nur was repeatedly contacted over cellphone to find out about the matter but no response was gotten from her end.