Sabbir Nasir’s latest ‘Poka’

Musician Sabbir Nasir has gifted listeners with a number of hit titles that have managed to capture the hearts and minds of the audience. 

This time he has come up with a new song on the occasion of Eid for the people who have been stuck at home due to quarantine and lockdown. The title of this song is 'Poka'. 

Fuad Al Muktadir has directed the melody and music of this song with the words of Sharmin Sultana Sumi. 

Regarding the song, Fouad said, “Music is an eternal journey of purity. In this journey we have the opportunity to give birth to countless memorable moments. Sabbir is a unique character in my story. 

Sabbir’s pursuit of music is greater than that of many artistes I know. I am happy to be able to help him in this journey of peace of soul through music.”

The video of Sabbir Nasir's new song has been made by Tanim Rahman Angshu. Commenting on the video of the song, Angshu said, “The video of the new song shows the story of two people during the time of lockdown. 

The issue has also come up in the lyrics. Sayeda Touhida Tithi has acted as a model in the song.” 

Musician Sabbir Nasir said, “This Eid is not like other times. My new song has the story of the emotions of the people who are goinbg through these tough times. I have sung the melody and music of Fuad Al Muktadir and the words of Sumi.”

The song 'Poka' was published on the YouTube channel of Ganchil Music and on the Facebook page of Sabbir Nasir on May 28. Listeners can listen to the song on YouTube as well as on the audio streaming portals and apps in Bangladesh.