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Rush for essentials in city kitchen markets

Ahead of Ramadan

Published : 08 Mar 2024 09:44 PM | Updated : 09 Mar 2024 03:28 PM

A large number of people in the country, mainly in the capital city of Dhaka, have already started shopping for essential commodities ahead of the holy Ramadan.

Many of the city dwellers are seen thronging to different kitchen markets and shopping in advance believing that the prices of commodities may go up during Ramadan.

Although people are rushing for early shopping of essential commodities ahead of Ramadan, the markets this year are so far somewhat bearable due to the reduction of tax on 4 important products by the government. 

Every year, during the month of Ramadan, there is increased anxiety among general consumers about the vegetable market and other products. 

Roaming around on Friday to some kitchen markets, including Kawran Bazar, this reporter found prices of almost all types of vegetables stable.

For instance, potatoes were sold at Tk 35 per kg, while ripe tomatoes were sold at Tk 45 per kg, as they did last week. Carrots are sold at Tk 30, papaya at Tk 40, and lemon per 4 pieces at Tk 40. Beans sold at Tk 40–50 based on quality. 

Cabbage & cauliflower per piece were sold at Tk 40; radish at Tk 40; brinjal at Tk 50; sweet gourd at Tk 30 per kg; broccoli at Tk 50; turnips at Tk 40 per kg; peas at Tk 80 per kg; and sweet potatoes at Tk 40 per kg. The price of green chillies was Tk 90 per kg.

Vegetable seller Md Sajib said, “Sales in the market have increased compared to the last few weeks due to a slight fall in the prices of vegetables.”

Onion is sold at Tk 90–100, and ginger is being sold at Tk 200 per kg, which is lower than last week. Locally produced garlic is being sold for Tk 150. Local lentils are sold at TK 140, while Indian lentils are sold at TK 120, as last week. Moong dal price increased by around Tk 20.

As a result of reducing the tax on soybean oil, consumers can buy soybean oil at a discount of Tk 10 per litre. All types of rice are being sold at last week's prices of Tk 55 to Tk 85 per kg.

Chickens are selling at higher prices than last week. Broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 230, and Pakistani chicken is sold at Tk 330 per kg.

Large-size pangas fish sold at Tk 230 per kg, while tilapia sold at Tk 250. Large-size ruhi and catla are similar in price, at Tk 400 per kg. Grashcarp is sold at Tk 300, Silvercarp at Tk 220, China put at Tk 250, Nala fish at Tk 250–280, Mrigel fish at Tk 250, and Surma fish at Tk 280 per kg.

Ratan Mia, who regularly comes to the market in Anandabazar, said the kitchen market used to be unstable before Ramadan in the previous years, but this year it does not seem like that.

Besides, the prices of Iftar products are stable compared to previous years. Chickpeas are being sold at Tk 110 per kg. Puffed rice (open) at Tk 80 per kg. Flattened rice is sold at Tk 60–70, while sugar is sold at Tk 145 per kg. However, the price of gram flour has increased by Tk 10 per kg compared to last week.

Ananda Bazar shopkeeper Arif Hossein is selling different types of dates at the price of Tk 110–Tk 1500 per kg.