Rural infrastructure development slow

Take steps for fast implementation of projects

Everyone knows how important the infrastructural development of rural areas is for the development of the country. In that regard, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $100 million loan to expand the coverage of an ongoing rural road network improvement project in Bangladesh, connecting the rural population to agricultural development zones. 

Although such a loan has been granted, if the work of the project is slow then the quality of work cannot be ensured because of pressure of implementing the project quickly by the end of the specified time. 

This creates various complications which are not desirable for anyone. To ensure sustainable development of the country, it is important to ensure the desired pace of implementation of all types of projects timely and qualitatively.

In order to improve the living standards and safety 

of the people in the coastal areas, regional road 

communication network should be established

At the same time, quality must be ensured in the implementation of the projects. All authorities concerned should be vigilant so that there is no corruption and irregularities in the projects. 

Moreover, it should be noted that in the context of global warming, the risk to the people of the country’s coastal areas has increased more than ever before, especially during the recent natural disasters. Therefore, the work of this project should be completed on priority basis. 

On the other hand, the $100 million loan to expand the coverage of rural road network in Bangladesh is very much laudable. This will ensure the expediting of current road network development, under the Rural Connectivity Improvement Project. 

This will efficiently upgrade rural roads in 34 districts to all-weather standards with climate resilience and safety features.

These crucial loans are a sliver of hope for the timely completion of the projects that will ensure a better infrastructure for the rural people and enhance over all road connectivity. 

In order to improve the living standards and safety of the people in the coastal areas, regional road communication network should be established, rural hatbazars should be developed and new projects should be implemented in this regard. 

All concerned should be held accountable for the timely completion of the projects, including infrastructural projects in rural areas of the country.