‘Rupsha Nodir Baake’ at Goa Film Festival

The film 'Rupsha Nadir Baake' is based on the life story of a leftist revolutionary. The shooting and editing of the film was completed in March, said its director Tanvir Mokammel. This creator broke the new news. The film has been invited to the International Film Festival of India in Goa.

The film 'Rupsha Nadir Baake' will be screened in the World Panorama section at the 51st festival to be held on January 18-24. Notable films of important film makers from home and abroad are shown in this section.

Director Tanvir Mokammel has also been invited to the international festival. This was stated by Wasiuddin Ahmed on behalf of Kino-I Films, the production company of the film.

In this special film, Khairul AlamSabuj, Zahid Hasan Shovon and TawsifSadmanTurya and others have played the roles of leftist leaders of different ages.

Tanvir Mokammel said in the making of the film, ‘Bangladesh has a glorious history of many sacrifices and imprisonment of the Left during the British and Pakistan period in the struggle for the rights of working people, secularism and democracy and for the progress of society as a whole.

Moreover, the leftists have contributed a lot to the development of a healthy and humane culture in this country. But their sacrifices and contributions are not mentioned much. I took the initiative to make the film with that in mind. '

It is known that the budget of the film is only ninety-six lakh taka. Of this, the government of Bangladesh has given a grant of Tk. 50 lakhs. The rest has been raised through funding.