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Rupganj Jamdani weavers, traders eye Tk 150-160cr Eid sale

Published : 01 Apr 2024 10:44 PM | Updated : 01 Apr 2024 10:52 PM

Jamdani weavers are working round the clock at Noapara Jamdani palli in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj to make new and fashionable Jamdani sarees with hope of good sale during Eid.

Visiting the Jamdani palli, the correspondent found that weavers are working relentlessly spinning the yarn with hands. The workers are not getting a chance to rest. This busyness runs from 5 am to 10 pm every day. Sometimes the clock goes past 10 pm to 11pm or even 12 pm. Such busyness is going on almost every day as Eid-ul-Fitr is around the corner.

Jamdani traders and BSCIC officials concerned expect a sale of Tk 150-160 crore on the occasion of Eid.

According to official sources, there are 407 entrepreneurs in 407 plots in the area under BSCIC Jamdani industrial estate. They have total 1,665 looms and about 3,500 people have been employed here. They have to do all the work without machines.

Maidul Islam, who has been weaving sarees at Jamdani palli for 20-22 years, said that the work pressure has increased a lot due to upcoming Eid. “There is no opportunity to rest amid the pressure of work,” he added.

Weaver Nadeem said, “I have been weaving Jamdani sarees for 17 years. On the occasion of the upcoming Eid, the work has increased like every year. We want the work to increase. If the work increases, it will be good for the owners, financiers and workers.”

Shamim, a worker of Jamdani palli, said, “Earlier I used to come to the workplace at 9 am. Now I have to come at 5 am. Earlier I used to go home in the evening. Now I have to return home sometimes at 10 pm or 11 pm. Now the workload has increased.”

Ruhul Amin, owner of Junaid Jamdani Weaving, said, “Our market is being destroyed due to Indian Jamdani. They weave jamdani by machine. They can sell at lower prices as their production costs are lower. But we can’t. They can sell a saree for Tk 2000. But we need yarns of Tk 2000 to weave a Jamdani saree. We cannot sell a saree below Tk 5000.”

“Earlier we used to sell 100 sarees every month, but now our sales have reduced to half because of Indian sarees,” he added.

Shah Alam, son of a Jamdani artisan family, said, “Now I see that Jamdani is sold online. But many people don’t know about Jamdani saree. India’s machine-made sarees are being sold as Jamdani. Actually those are not Jamdani sarees. If you want to buy original Jamdani sarees, you have to come to BSCIC.”, “Our Jamdani sarees are being exported. We are weaving new sarees targeting Eid. Now if you come to the palli, you will get a good saree,”he added. 

Zahirul Islam, officer of Rupganj Jamdani Industrial City, said that there are all kinds of entrepreneurs here. Some sell more and some less.

“It can be assumed that those who have 15-20 looms will sell sarees worth Tk 1-1.5 crore during Eid-ul-Fitr. And those who have fewer looms will sell a little less. We are expecting total sales of Tk 150-160 crore this year in Jamdani Industrial Estate,” he said.