Rupganj, a haven for criminals

Launch crackdown on armed goons

Published : 15 Mar 2024 10:35 PM

We are worried about the dreadful crimes and offences committed by several armed goons in Rupganj, an upazila of Narayanganj district, adjacent to the capital Dhaka. The Rupganj has become a haven for goons for killing, mugging, drug peddling, and other crimes. It is the most densely populated upazila and most of its people are floating and poor. 

As a result, terrorists and drug dealers have easily established a base here. The criminals are using illegal firearms to establish dominance in Rupganj, Sonargaon and surrounding areas of Narayanganj district, according to media reports.

They are involved in drug peddling and extortion. There are many terrorist groups in this area. And there are 10-15 members in each of the terrorist groups. 

Criminal activities in Rupganj and adjacent areas used to make headlines more often than not. The geographical location of the area quite easily turns it into a shelter for criminals, including drug peddlers, murderers, and firearm suppliers, as law enforcers hardly patrol the area. 

The area has been home to floating people and criminals, who hide in the settlements to avoid getting arrested after committing crimes in different areas for long. No one can stay in Rupganj and its adjacent area without paying tolls to the gang members, who control the entire area. 

Locals have alleged that the gang members have often been spotted at different political programmes, indicating their strong political affiliations. Hooligans have made several establishments in the guise of landless slum dwellers to control the area. 

Criminals are using

 illegal firearms to establish 

dominance in Rupganj, Sonargaon and 

surrounding areas of Narayanganj

Each and every village has several armed gangs, who are now involved in serious crimes like arms and drugs peddling, human trafficking, gold smuggling, kidnapping and killing. They are also committing robbery, burglary, cybercrime, sexual harassment and running illegal SIM and hundi trading.

These organised criminal armed groups are also running juvenile gangs in order to serve their purpose. Besides, they are also grabbing the local people’s land in many ways.                  

After dusk, most of the areas of Rupganj become safe haven for all criminal activities and a sense of foreboding fills the air. Travelling of people on roads and highways after dusk becomes almost unsafe.

The law enforcers will have to increase police patrolling activities to prevent such dreadful criminal activities. And strict action must be taken against other criminals alongside increased vigilance.

So, members of law enforcement agencies must deal with the criminals squarely and immediately.