Ruman confident of doing well in Archery Championship

Published : 02 Jul 2022 07:56 PM

Archer Ruman Shana, one of the sensations in the sports of Bangladesh is confident to do well in the upcoming ISSF Archery Championship to be held in Turkey from August 10.

Ruman, earned the feat to have the direct qualification in the Tokyo Olympic, after winning the bronze medal in the World Archery Championship 2019 in Netherlands, doesn’t think the result in the World Championship in Germany is not at all disappointing or demoralizing.  

The World Archery Championship was held in 2019, the qualifiers of the 2020 Olympic with there were quota places for the top four individuals in the singles competition, for those who failed to get quotas in the team events when each men's and women's team that made the quarter-finals earning three quota places for the respective team.

Ruman just achieved the feat qualifying in the quarterfinals and finally winning bronze medal to make the dream come true confirming the ticket of Tokyo Olympic. 

But the boy from Khulna, who used to play with arrow-bow made by bamboo during his school days turned into the best archer and a sports star of the country when he stunned all

winning the gold medal in the First Asian Grand Prix at the age of 19 in 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand and he bagged another gold medal in the International Archery Tournament 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Ruman illustrated his medal winning run with obtaining three international medals with the first silver medal in the ISSF International Solidarity Archery Championships. After that, he won the most coveted bronze medal in the 2019 World Archery Championships. Ruman keeping up the momentum won a gold medal in the Asia Cup ranking tournament following that.

Ruman added another pluck on is feathers with winning silver in the Recurve mixed team event with  Diya Siddique in 2021.

Following his all extraordinary successes in the international circuit, fans’ expectations became higher that Ruman and along with his team-mate would win medal in the World Championship 2022 held in Germany.

But Ruman & Co. could not comply with the expectation when they were eliminated from the third round.

Ruman Shana, who is now taking preparation for the upcoming ISSF International Archery Championship, talked to the Bangladesh Post on Thursday, when he said that their performances in the World Championship were not so disappointing.

“In fact, we overall did well, we all three moved into the third round. To be honest we were really ill-fated, we played well but fortune did not favoure us. We left no stone unturned to get success. Really, we were very much unlucky narrowly missing and failed to earn expected result. We lost just after reaching very closer to win. But I don’t lose my confidence.”

“I don’t think we did anything upsetting or demoralizing, we are looking for to go forward, hopefully, we would prevail over. Islamic Solidarity Games (ISSF Games) is coming on, to be held in Turkey from August 10, now my focus on that and expecting to do better than previous occasion.”

“There will be five events hopefully we will win at least two to three gold medals. We are also looking forward to next year’s World Championship to be held In Berlin in September. We already qualified in the individual event and trying to qualify in the team events and confident to do well,” Ruman Shana detailed.