Ruhel starts work on Green and Smart Mirsharai

Published : 10 Jan 2024 10:14 PM

Mahbub-Ur Rahman Ruhel, the newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) from Chittagong-1 (Mirsharai) Constituency in the 12th Parliament Election started the implementation of Green Mirsharai by removing the poster himself.

He said, “I will prove the development of my area not by words, but by deeds.  By removing the posters, I started working on Green and Smart Mirsharai”.

On Tuesday morning, he started removing election posters to keep his parliamentary area clean and to preserve the environment.

Mahbub Ur Rahman Ruhel, the candidate for Chittagong-1 Constituency, held nearly 170 yard meetings in 162 wards in 16 unions and two municipalities in the last 18 days.  He has come in direct contact with lakhs of people through courtyard meetings.  Locals feel that his yard meetings in polling areas have sparked a silent revolution.

The day after he was elected, he toured the entire Mirshrai and thanked the all people.  As soon as he said that, he went around and started removing the poster himself.  He invited everyone to join this work in his Facebook post.

Its known that Awami League candidate Mahbub Rahman Ruhel in Chittagong 1 constituency is the only person who has not put a plastic cover on the poster.  Even though the activists pressed him a lot, he repeatedly reminded them to protect the environment.  Column number 5 of his announced 22-point manifesto mentions the implementation of Green Mirsharai.  He showed it himself.  The people of Mirshrai area have started dreaming about the ability to implement the manifesto.

Ruhel said, “Keeping in mind the issue of environmental protection, the posters used in my election campaign were not laminated or plastic was used.  However, some activists used posters with plastic covers to protect them from the fog.  After the elections, I removed all the posters that came to my attention to protect the beauty of the area, to keep the environment free from pollution and removed them with the help of activists.”

He said that initiatives will be taken to increase the employment of the youth.  Mirsharai is emerging as Asia's largest economic region.  

Thousands of people will be employed here.  The people of the area will benefit from this.  I will establish technical education institutes for jobs in economic zones.  So that the youth can get jobs here by becoming skilled.  

Together, we started the journey to implement Smart Mirsharai through today's work.  

He expressed hope that he would take the initiative to establish a technology university and a technical university in Mirsharai.