RU student’s poetry book on life published

Published : 05 Mar 2023 09:13 PM

Gopal Roy, a final year student of the Graphic Design, Crafts and History of Art department of Rajshahi University, has written a poem collection book, “Dwibijpotri Opushpok Jotichinher Smritikal” that included magical aspects in his writings all about life.

The book was published during the ‘Amar Ekushey Book Fair’ ended recently. This book is the poem collection of all his writings since his high school life. 

This book is for those people who stay unique, think unique, look for a little shade in the cruel world full of dust and harsh sunshine, and don’t escape from the rain but enjoy it. This book is not for cobblers, who stick to their last. This book is for those who are not floating, not even drowning and who are not dying and not even alive, said the author.

The book's name is “Dwibijpotri Opushpok Jotichinher Smritikal”. According to the writer of the book, here ‘Dwibijpotri’ means those plants that produce flowers and fruits. And ‘Opushpok’ means those plants that do not or cannot grow either of them. Here ‘Dwibijpotri’ indicates those people who became successful after turning themselves into trees. And those are ‘Opushpok’ who couldn’t or wanted to do so.

Here ‘Jotichinho’ means punctuations divided by two things 'full stop’ and ‘comma’. According to the writer, a person can end their life anytime they want like ‘full stop’ and they also can continue it by using ‘comma’. ‘Dwibijpotri’ and ‘Opushpok’ both can use both punctuation.