RU student becomes artist using math equations

Published : 11 Aug 2022 08:25 PM

Mithun Dey, a second-year student of the department of Statistics of Rajshahi University has successfully established himself as an artist by drawing pictures using Mathematical formulas (equations). 

It is learnt, only a few artists in the world can use Mathematical formulas to draw pictures and in Bangladesh the number of such artists is only two or three.  The drawing of pictures using Mathematical formulas requires a huge amount of patience and labour. As a result, only a tiny number of people can cling to these arts. But, Mithun is continuing with this art using his expert hands efficiently. 

Mithun developed his interest in drawing pictures from an early age. In his adulthood, he resorted to sketches. Now, he can draw any sketch using Mathematical formulas. He is also efficient in Digital arts and can play various musical instruments. 

Mithun informed that during the closure of all educational institutions of the country in March-2020 due to the Corona pandemic, he spent most of his idle time using facebook. While scrolling Facebook page, he saw a sketch drawn using Mathematical formulas. This sketch created interest in him to draw pictures and sketches using Math- formulas.  Mithun further mentioned, drawing sketches and pictures using Math-formulas is an exceptional art. As a result, only a few people are interested in doing this. Moreover, there is no tutorial for drawing such art on Youtube. After searching for over six months, he learnt the use of Desmos Apps for drawing arts and was successful in drawing a sketch using the Math-formulas. Desmos Apps is used for drawing such sketches and pictures using a plain line of Math-formulas. He posted the sketch to facebook which got a huge response from his FB friends who inspired him to draw sketches, pictures or portraits using all sorts of Math-equations.

Dr Golam Hossain, Chairman of the department of Statistics of RU in this connection said he was highly pleased by watching the sketches of Mithun. He added, it is really a hard job to draw any sketch using Mathematical formulas.