Rozina stages comeback

Rozina was once a popular actress in the Bangladesh film world. As soon as the corona situation gets better she will start working on her film. 

She is returning to acting and directing after 14 long years. She will make a film titled ‘Fire Dekha’ with government grant. She also said that she would act in it  as well. 

This film will be made with the story of the Liberation War. Rozina said, “It will tell the story of a family in Rajbari in my film. 

This film is about the background of how the Pak army carried out violence in that house during the war. In the meantime I have finished the story. I’m planning to go shooting if the situation is good.” She also talked about the heroes and heroines of this film.

Rozina said there are several important characters in this film. She said, “I will be one of them. The audience will see a senior actor with me. I will take other characters from the current heroes and heroines.”

How is your character in the film? In response, she said, “Here the audience would see me participate in guerrilla warfare. There will also be some more surprises. I will act after many days. So I’m preparing myself that way now.” 

The actress was last seen in a movie titled ‘Rakkhushi’. In it, she teamed up with popular actor Ferdous. The film is directed by Matin Rahman. Rozina also talked about the current situation of the film. 

She said, “The condition of our film has not been good for a long time. Meanwhile, Corona’s situation has worsened. At this point everyone has to work together or else we can’t do anything better.”