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Royal culinary art of Nawab

Published : 26 Nov 2019 08:58 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 01:04 PM

Dhaka gets one more valuable addition in its list of Kacchi specialised restaurant; which we explored a few days back and was excellent; keeping Nawab as their name, they have done full justice with the delicacies they serve. This place will live up to your expectation both in terms of quality and taste.

This relatively new restaurant, Nawab Restaurant and Caterers is tucked along Dhanmondi 27, right opposite to Genetic Plaza Market, with its ample space and cleanliness serves up old classics from a heady combination of nawabi cuisines. Nawab has got some real feast for Mughlai cuisine lovers.

Kacchi (BDT 250/150) is their signature creation of juicy mutton in fragrant long grained Bashmoti rice, aromatic spices and deshi ghee cooked to perfection over low heat and it’s a true treat to your senses. The meat is fall apart tender every time; honestly they make some of the most tender, juicy mutton I’ve ever had, and it’s so perfectly seasoned, light and flavorful. All of its components together made it a great meal that I will definitely crave again. Nawab’s Kacchi has the potential to become one of the finest served in this city.

Another best seller being the Polao Platter (BDT 200) consists of polao, chicken roast, jail kabab and soft drinks. Their special Kacchi Platter (BDT 399) consists of kacchi, chicken roast, jali kabab, chutney and soft drinks. It’s similar to what we call ‘Biye Barir Khawar’ (foods served at weddings).

From the sides the Chicken Roast (BDT 120) and Beef Kala Bhuna (BDT 160/320) is a must-have-one. Chicken Roast is rich and creamy that comes from yogurt, ghee, onion and some nutty ingredients. Juicy inside, it was served with liquid gold gravy and fried onions as topping which adds more richness in the flavour. Beef Kala Bhuna (BDT 160/320) on the other hand, was well cooked, juicy pieces of beef

in rich and flavourful gravy. This semi-dry blackish meat preparation was one of the best bhuna items we had recently. And it goes great with Parata (BDT 20). Not only these, their add-ons include some lip smacking dishes like Beef Rezala (BDT 160), Shahi Tukra (BDT 120), Jorda (BDT 50) and Borhani (BDT 30/60/120).

Nevertheless, the proportion of the food is amazing. A meal for one can be shared among two persons easily. This place is absolutely perfect in accordance with the price, proportion and the quality. So, for an exotic experience in traditional cuisines, you may visit or order from Nawab Restaurant and Caterers. Try them once, and you will fall in love with their taste.

Place: Nawab Restaurant and Caterer,
House 13/1, Road 27, Dhanmondi
Dhaka 1205

Pocket Pinch: BDT 500 for two (approx)

Opening hours:11am to 11pm (everyday)