Rooppur radiation fear nil

Dispel public misconception about project safety

Published : 18 Oct 2021 09:16 PM | Updated : 19 Oct 2021 11:53 AM

Our government has made tremendous strides in making our country able to produce nuclear electricity with Rooppur nuclear power plant. However, in a densely populated country like Bangladesh, there are fears of accidental leakage.

Project officials say that the latest technology, known to be one of the safest from Rosatom, is being used in Rooppur. There will be five layers of high security. So, the concerns of any accidental leakage and subsequent radiation are out of the question.

Experts opine that fear has not abated. Ignorance is also a cause of fear. Those who live near these types of power plants are less afraid, but those who live far away are more afraid.

The government should conduct awareness 

programmes so that people’s 

misconception regarding the safety of Rooppur nuclear power plant diminishes 

However, there are still some major issues, for example, the pressure vessel, pumps, valves, and others. We have to monitor and check whether the major components are being made properly at the time of the construction.

Apart from this, there is another equipment called core catcher, which was discovered after the Fukushima incident and has already been launched in the world. It provides catching the molten core material of a nuclear reactor in case of a nuclear meltdown and prevents it from escaping.

Our government gave topmost priority to maintain Rooppur’s safety standards. It is to be noted that no accident relating to the release of any substantial amount of radioactivity to the atmosphere has happened since the Chernobyl accident.

Therefore, continuous improvement in design features, dependable safety standards integrating both active and passive safety schemes of the reactors, and the finest possible training programs for the operators will safeguard the safety of the Rooppur nuclear power plant. The government should conduct awareness programmes so that people’s misconception regarding the safety of Rooppur nuclear power plant diminishes.